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The Modern Spice Rack By Esther Clark

The Modern Spice Rack By Esther Clark

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Spices have always been a challenge for many home cooks. While they are a common ingredient found in most kitchens, they are often underutilized, poorly stored, and kept beyond their expiration date. There's also a perceived difficulty in making dishes like curries from scratch and pairing spices with specific cuisines. However, this cookbook aims to change all that by promoting a more liberal, creative, and everyday use of spices. It encourages readers to experiment with a well-timed pinch of spice to elevate any dish and focus on flavor rather than tradition.

The cookbook features colorful introductions that provide context for lesser-known spices and new insights into more familiar varieties. Its global, taste-led recipes will help readers cook with spices more confidently and creatively.

About the Authors

Rachel Walker established Rooted Spices in 2018 while working as a food writer at the Sunday Times. Rooted Spices is a renowned company that specializes in providing single-origin and ethically-sourced spices.

Esther Clark, on the other hand, is a trained chef who worked in Italy and Northern India before becoming the deputy food editor at BBC Good Food. She has also written for various publications including Guardian Feast, Sainsbury's magazine, Waitrose Food Magazine, the Telegraph, and the Sunday Times.



Title: The modern Spice Rack

Author: Esther Clark and Rachel Walker

ISBN:   9781784885793

Format: Hardcover 

Pages: 224

Dimensions: 22.5 x 17.5 x 3 cm

Publisher:  Hardie Grant London

Published: 2nd May 2023

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