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Studio Milligram - Gift Boxed Propagation Vase - Jade

Studio Milligram - Gift Boxed Propagation Vase - Jade

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Elevate your home decor with Studio Milligram's exquisite Propagation Vase, thoughtfully presented in a limited edition gift box. This striking, sculptural piece adds an elegant touch of natural beauty to any space. With its tall and slender design, the Propagation Vase is not only a stunning decorative feature, but also serves as a nurturing home for cuttings, bulbs, and stones to flourish. Crafted from transparent borosilicate glass, this vase allows you to marvel at the systematic growth of new life, offering a unique perspective on nature's wonders. It even comes with a support disk to nurture delicate stems and petite plants. Combining sleek modern glassware with delicate natural warmth, the Propagation Vase is a sophisticated must-have for every room in your home.


In clear and jade green glass.

diameter: 7cm
height: 14cm

Glass vase, gift box.
Made from clear 

Borosilicate Glass (durable, thermal-shock resistant).

Designed and assembled in Australia.
Glass made in China.

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