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Nana Huchy - Charlie The Chicken Rattle

Nana Huchy - Charlie The Chicken Rattle

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Charlie the Chicken... 

Charlie longed to experience flight, perplexed as to why chickens were given wings they couldn't use, and why they had long, soft, slim legs. One day, while looking into Mr Pebblebottom's window he came up with an idea: find a small human to adopt him and give him a good grip, then he could know the sensation of flying!



The NANA HUCHY Charlie Chicken Rattle features an easy-to-hold design, allowing babies & toddlers to explore the exciting sound it makes with every movement. Designed in Melbourne, Charlie is the perfect companion to engage & reward your little one's curiosity. 

Brand: Nana Huchy
Dimensions: 22cm
Age: Suitable for 0+
Care: Gentle cold machine wash, do not tumble dry.
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