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Lamy - Safari - Rollerball Pen - Voilet Blackberry

Lamy - Safari - Rollerball Pen - Voilet Blackberry

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Add a reflective grace to your writing with the deep finish of LAMY's 2024 safari Special Edition Ballpoint Pen.

Pairing a deep body with contrasting black details, the 2024 safari Special Edition creates a striking effect that feels bold and uncompromising, while maintaining a professional tone.

Created by Wolfgang Fabian, the designer behind many of LAMY's most beloved pens, the safari's rugged construction was revolutionary – finally, students could enjoy a robust, comfortable pen that was built to last. And last it did, with its classic design remaining essentially unchanged for four decades as it continues to be one of LAMY's best-loved pens.

With a lightweight build and fine balance, the Safari's sturdy plastic is moulded to fit neatly in your hand, making handwriting a comfortable and graceful affair. Easy to top up with convenient ink refills, the safari is a beautiful pen that will make an impression whether it's your first or your fiftieth.


Ballpoint pen
Medium - 1mm tip
Black ink
Refill with LAMY M16 giant ballpoint refill
13.8cm long
Made with ABS plastic, chrome clip
Made in Germany. Designed by Wolfgang Fabian

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