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Lamy - Pico - Ballpoint Pen - White

Lamy - Pico - Ballpoint Pen - White

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The LAMY Pico Ballpoint Pen is a very clever pen: it appears to be an unusually compact pen but it extends into a full-size ballpoint using a telescopic barrel with a simple push! This is the pen for someone who delights in having a little bit of magic every day.  

If that wasn't enough, the LAMY Pico Ballpoint Pen includes an anti-roll device. Pop it on your desk and there it'll stay!

It is 94mm long when retracted and expands to 126mm when ready to write, making it a great pen for nurses, travellers and anybody who is on the go.

This pen comes in a gift box, and suits a LAMY M22 Compact Ballpoint Pen Refill.


Ballpoint pen
Medium - 1mm tip
Black ink
Refill with M22 LAMY compact ballpoint refill
9.4cm long, expands to 12.6cm long
Made with chrome- or lacquer-coated plastic
Made in Germany. Designed by Franco Clivio

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