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Elk The Label - Hoj Knee High Boot - Black

Elk The Label - Hoj Knee High Boot - Black

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Our Hoj Knee High Boot is a directional update on a tall, riding boot silhouette in a classic black. With a small V-cut out to offer added comfort around the calf when moving, hidden elastic inserts and exposed side zips, these boots balance style and comfort with ease. Consider adding the Hoj Knee High Boot to your wardrobe for winter as an easy, everyday option for styling for cooler weather.

  • High, riding boot style
  • Cleverly integrated comfort features
  • Classic black
  • An easy, classic style for every day


Cow Leather, Sheep Leather

Leather is a natural, renewable material made from animal hides that have been preserved and softened through a tanning process. We select our leathers based on their individual properties and the intended application.

This product is made from leather sourced from a Leather Working Group (LWG) audited and rated tannery. LWG aims to improve the environmental impact of the leather industry by assessing and certifying leather manufacturers. The audit protocol covers energy use, waste, water use and chemicals, as well as traceability.

Chromium VI is not used in any tanning processes for our leathers.


This boot fits true to size on the foot, and the number of handy, comfortable features around the calf will also help the fit. The most important measurement to check is the calf to ensure the most comfortable fit.


These leather shoes should be cleaned and conditioned with a neutral cream polish. Apply with a soft cloth and rub into dry or scuffed areas. Leather is a natural material and will age with wear. It is imperative that you avoid wetting or soaking these shoes in water as this will greatly affect the quality and appearance.

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