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Nana Huchy

Nana Huchy - Spike The Echidna

Nana Huchy - Spike The Echidna

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Spike the Echidna... 

Christened Simon, Spike initially decried his friend Ken the Kookaburra's nickname for him, before recognizing the irony. As far as 'spikes' go, Spike's fur is the softest in all of Australia!  


Spike the Echidna from Nana Huchy is a soft, child-safe toy, designed for infants and toddlers ages 0+. With its smooth fabric and comforting design, this cuddly friend ensures safe and restful sleep. Perfect for snuggles and playtime, Spike is sure to become a treasured companion.

Brand: Nana Huchy
Dimensions: approx. 29cm
Age: Suitable for 0+
Care: Gentle cold machine wash, do not tumble dry.
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