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Australian Abstract By Amber Creswell Bell

Australian Abstract By Amber Creswell Bell

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Abstract art is a fascinating genre that defies a singular definition. It relies on a unique visual language that uses shape, color, and form to create meaning without representing reality. Australian Abstract is a celebration of this constantly evolving art form, offering unparalleled artistic freedom and inviting deeply personal connections and interpretations from both artist and viewer.

Through the materiality of paint, abstract works often straddle a midpoint between recognition and sensed experience, encompassing a pastiche of styles. Amber Creswell Bell's extensive interviews with more than forty contemporary abstract painters document a diverse range of practices, including styles, subjects, visions, and philosophies.

Some artists compare abstract art to music, particularly jazz, while others are inspired by nature, science, and geometry. For some, abstract art provides an opportunity to express complex emotions in a way that words cannot. What unites these extraordinary artists is the conviction that abstract expressionism chose them, allowing them to create a unique visual language that offers endless possibilities for interpretation and meaning.



Title: Australian Abstract

Author: Amber Creswell Bell

ISBN:   9781760762858

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 272

Dimensions: 29 x 23.5 x 3 cm

Publisher:  Thames & Hudson Australia Pty Ltd

Published: 28th March 2023

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