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Anatole - Micro Umbrella - Tweed - Camden

Anatole - Micro Umbrella - Tweed - Camden

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Introducing Anatole's latest collection, inspired by the rebellious British neo-punk scene, pushing its unconventional personality even further. The new Tweed & Check collection showcases pieces that embody freedom, allowing you to express your style without being constrained by rules or codes.

Our Tweed design features a simple and straightforward pattern that expresses its strength through the way the panels come together, creating a powerful visual impact.

Anatole is not just an ordinary umbrella, but a revolutionary concept of a lightweight, ultra-compact, and durable mini-umbrella. At only 17.5cm when closed, it's comparable in size to a mobile phone and boasts technical developments that make it both robust and lightweight, weighing just 220g. We like to refer to it as a "micro-umbrella" - the latest version of mini-umbrellas with an unbeatable size-to-resistance ratio.


  • The Anatole umbrella is as compact as your mobile phone when closed (17.5cm), making it easy to carry around
  • Technical developments have been included to make it as resistant and lightweight as possible (only 220g), without compromising on quality or durability
  • The umbrella's 84cm diameter provides ample coverage for both broad shoulders and slimmer silhouettes, making it suitable for both men and women.
  • Carbon 14cm reinforcement added to each rib for increased strength without added weight
  • Fiberglass used in ribs for flexibility and increased wind resistance
  • Lightweight and strong mast made of aluminium and titanium, folds smoothly into 5 sections
  • Maple handle carved from noble wood for a comfortable grip
  • Grosgrain hand strap for added detail, made of resistant and trendy material that dries quickly
  • High quality umbrella covers made of water-repellent polyester for both beauty and functionality
Pattern / Colour: Tweed - Camden (black and white plaid) 
Weight: 220g
 Length 17.5 cm (closed) / Diameter 84cm (opened) 

Cover: Microfiber polyester
Handle: Maple Wood
Spokes: 7 fiberglass ribs with carbon reinforcements. Carbon 14cm reinforcement has been added to each rib
Mast: Aluminium and titanium

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